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What Customers Are Saying

Ha. We didn't make it more than three questions in before we were laughing too hard to keep going.

- Abby , OR

Used these at the Basecamp of Everest while on a trekking trip. These cards are what kickstarted my relationship with my now fiance!!! The questions allowed everyone to tell the most outrageous and fun stories and create amazing friendships. I've already ordered them as our wedding favours!

- Kennedy, MO

LOVE these! Perfect with my 17 year old daughter. We had some really great conversations and actually made some changes in our life based on what we talked about. I have been using the prompts with my middle school students in our new "distance learning" classroom. Will be packing this on the next road trip or camping trip.

- Jennifer, WA

OMG we love these cards! I am going to buy the second set because we enjoyed them so much. Great ice breaker and plenty of laughs. Can't wait for more!

- Harrison, IL

There is such a wonderful range of deep thought provoking questions to silly and goofy questions. Definitely would recommend for getting to know new and old friends on a different level!

- Carmen, CO

These are so fun, I can't wait until I can be around people again to use them. I never would have thought of putting prompts on plain playing cards, it opens so many possibilities! I know they will get lots of use around the campfire!

- Betsey, TX

These card are absolutely perfect for either camping or for those pandemic quarantine days. Seriously fun cards for conversation starter.

- Andrea, UT

We always take cards with us camping. This takes our card playing to the next level. I keep learning new stories about my wife after 30 years!

- Keith, HI

Basecamp card co has revolutionized the way I get to know people over adventures. They are always a must for whenever I am packing a bag for a trip. Some of my favourite memories started with me, my friends, a campfire and a deck of basecamp cards.

- Connor, CA