Our story

Adventure and connection have always gone hand in hand for me. The roads we travel, the people we meet. I'm in constant pursuit of living life fully and focusing on moments-of safaty, bravery, vulnerability, laughter, and togetherness.

Years back, I was on a big backpacking trip in the Rockies. There was snow everywhere. And not a lot to do because of it. And so, Basecamp cards was born. A simple twist on a satndard deck of cards. But one with more intention. I designed in to break down barrier between people, create breve spaces for us to gather, and invite kind communication and storytelling.

My hope is that they'll bring you some joy, levity, and connection as you travel the road of life-as you embrace the wild, weird, and beautiful that finds you along the way. Those little, shiny moments of connection, the're what matter.